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April 13


PLENARY SESSION (Main Conference Hall)  Chairperson: V.Ritus
  9.40 M.Vysotsky (ITEP, Moscow)Electroweak interactions
10.20 V.Mukhanov (Univ. of Muenchen)How robust are the predictions of inflation?
11.00-11.30 Coffee-Break
Session ASTROPHYSICS: Electrodynamics of Compact Objects   Chairperson: V.Dokuchaev
11.30 L.Zelenyi (Space Research Inst., Moscow)Plasma processes in laminar and turbulent current sheets
12.10 J.Truemper(Max Planck Inst. for Extraterrestrial Phys., Garching)The equation of state at supernuclear densities - results of recent astronomical observations
12.50 Yu.Gnedin(Pulkovo Observatory, St.Petersburg)Magnetic fields of supermassive black holes: current status of the observations of quasars and active galactic nuclei
13.30-15.00 Lunch
Session Astrophysics: Electrodynamics of Compact Objects   Chairperson: Yu.Shibanov
15.00 B.Somov (Sternberg Astronomical Inst., Moscow)Magnetic reconnection of solar flares: current state of the theory of S.I.Syrovatskii
15.30 S.Bogovalov(Moscow Engin.Phys.Inst.)Nature of the torus and jet-like features in the central parts of plerions
16.00 V.Beskin(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)Effective particle acceleration in the parabolic magnetic field
16.30-17.00 Coffee-Break
Session Astrophysics: Electrodynamics of Compact Objects   Chairperson: E.Churazov
17.00 D.Yakovlev(Ioffe Inst., St.Petersburg)Nonequilibrium weak-interaction processes in neutron stars
17.30 Yu.Shibanov(Ioffe Inst., St.Petersburg)Optical observations of radio pulsars
18.00 A.Timokhin (Sternberg Astronomical Inst., Moscow)Could we see oscillations of the neutron star after the glitch in pulsar?
Session QUANTUM FIELD THEORY   Chairperson: A.Shabad
11.30 A.Tureanu(Helsinki Univ. & Helsinki Inst. of Phys.)Noncommutative quantum field theories: new space-time symmetry and exact results
12.00 M.Olshanetsky (ITEP, Moscow)Sklyanin algebra from topological field theory
12.30 P.Lavrov (Tomsk Pedag.Univ.)Fedosov supermanifolds
13.00 B.Zupnik (JINR, Dubna)Nonanticommutative deformations of hypermultiplets
13.30-15.00 Lunch
15.00 V.Rychkov (Univ. of Amsterdam)Free fermion droplets and the half-BPS sector of AdS/CFT
15.30 O.Andreev (Humboldt-Univ., Berlin & Landau Inst., Moscow)Regge behavior in gauge/string duality
16.00 T.Matsuo (Inst. of Phys. and Chem. Research, Wako, Saitama)String interpretation for finite N Yang-Mills theory in two-dimensions
16.30 - 17.00 Coffee-Break
Session Superstrings and Higher Spin Gauge Theory   Chairperson: V.Dobrev
17.00 A.Sorin (JINR, Dubna)Hamiltonian structures of fermionic two-dimensional Toda lattice hierarchies
17.30 A.Losev (ITEP, Moscow)Strings in the "infinite-metric" backgrounds
18.00 I.Tipunin (Lebedev Inst., Moscow)Verlinde formula in logarithmic conformal field theories and a modular group action in centers of quantum groups
11.30 P.Fulde (Max Planck Inst. for the Phys. of Complex Systems, Dresden)Fractional charges in frustrated lattices
12.00 M.Feigelman (Landau Inst., Moscow)Theory of superconductive pairing near the mobility edge
12.30 A.Tsvelik (Brookhaven National Lab.)Between one and higher dimensions: doped spin ladders
13.00 L.Glazman (Univ. of Minnesota)Coulomb drag between quantum wires: beyond Tomonaga-Luttinger model
13.30 - 15.00 Lunch
15.00 S.Kuznetsov (Inst. of RadioEngineering and Elecronics, Saratov)Renormalization group approach in nonlinear dynamics - a tool for analysis of transitions to chaos
15.30 F.Ataullakhanov (Moscow State Univ.)New self-organization patterns in models of active media: a model of blood clotting as an example
16.00 A.Panfilov (Utrecht Univ.)Modelling in electrophysiology using anatomically accurate models of the heart
16.30 - 17.00 Coffee-Break
Session Dissipative structures in nonlinear dynamics   Chairperson: S.Kuznetsov
17.00 A.Polezhaev (Lebedev Inst., Moscow)Spatio-temporal patterns, driven by the flow instability
17.30 E.Volkov (Lebedev Inst., Moscow)Frequency-selective weak signal acceptance by homogeneous array of coupled relaxation oscillators
18.00 D.Sokoloff (Moscow Univ.)Intermittency in dynamo and Jacobi equations
Session QUANTUM GRAVITY AND COSMOLOGY   Chairperson: W.Unruh
11.30 V.Rubakov (Inst. for Nuclear Research, Moscow)Lorentz-violation and generation of perturbations at inflation
12.00 S.Dubovsky (CERN, Geneva & Inst. for Nuclear Research, Moscow)Lorentz-violating massive gravity
12.30 C.Deffayet (Inst. of Astrophysics, Paris)Cosmology and cosmological vDVZ (dis)continuity of brane-induced gravity
13.00 S.Sibiryakov (ITEP, Moscow)Ultra-large distance modification of gravity from Lorentz symmetry breaking at the Plank scale
13.30-15.00 Lunch
Session Quantum Gravity and Cosmology   Chairperson: I.Khriplovich
15.00 D.Langlois (Inst. of Astrophysics, Paris)Gravitation and cosmology in brane-worlds
15.30 A.Filippov (JINR, Dubna)Dimensional reduction of supergravities producing black holes and cosmologies
16.00 B.Altshuler (Lebedev Inst., Moscow)Calculation of large mass hierarchy from number of extra dimensions
17.00-17.30 Coffee-Break
Session Quantum Gravity and Cosmology   Chairperson: S.Solodukhin
17.30 A.Nikishov (Lebedev Inst., Moscow)Problems in field theoretical approach to gravitation
18.00 B.Meierovich (Kapitza Inst., Moscow)Gravitating global topological defects in extra dimensions
18.30    TBA
Session HIGH-ENERGY PHYSICS   Chairperson: D.Shirkov
11.30 L.Okun (ITEP, Moscow)Formula E = mc2 in the World Year of Physics
12.00 A.Studenikin (Moscow State Univ.)Neutrino quantum states and spin light in matter
12.30 V.Novikov (ITEP, Moscow)K\bar K binary system in quantum mechanics and in quantum field theory: CPT
13.00 G.Ovanesyan (Moscow Inst. of Physics and Technology)Hunting for the alpha: B -->rr, B -->pp, B -->rp
13.30-15.00 Lunch
Session High-Energy Physics   Chairperson: A.Likhoded
15.00 A.Sissakian (JINR, Dubna)Reduced phase space of quantum system: example of Coulomb potential
15.30 M.Polikarpov (ITEP, Moscow)Confining fields in lattice QCD
16.00 V.Zakharov (Max Planck Inst. for Physics, Muenchen)Anderson localization in pure Yang-Mills theories
16.30-17.00 Coffee-Break
Session High-Energy Physics   Chairperson: A.Kaidalov
17.00 I.Royzen (Lebedev Inst., Moscow)Phase states of sub-hadronic matter and microscopic pattern of its hadronization
17.30 I.Lokhtin (Skobeltsyn Inst. of Nuclear Phys., Moscow)Jet physics in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions
18.00 V.Kokoulina (JINR, Dubna)Multiparticle dynamics study by Gluon Dominance Model

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