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We are looking forward to seeing you at the Conference
The Conference will take place at the Lebedev Physics Institute (53, Leninskii prospect)

Please pay your attention that the preliminary schedule of the scientific program is available now at the conference site -
Also we ask you to check the title of your talk at

Presentation of your talk:

Please notify Organizing Committee what kind of presentation you would like to do.
We accept the following formats of presentations and storage devices:
1) Adobe pdf-files (that can be displayed by Acrobat Reader 5)
2) MS Power Point 2000
3) PostSript files (that can be interpreted by GhostScript 6.5)
4) CD−R(W), DVD±R(W)
5) flash drives
6) floppy disks (3'')

To show any other file formats (OpenOffice, MS Office XP and higher, movies included in presentations) you must use your own notebook and notify Organizing Committee about this beforehand.
It is also possible (and recommended) to check if these files are still proper shown by our notebook (we discourage the switching between notebooks during a session).
Removable storage devices must be formated to be MS Windows 2000 compatible. Any traditional presentations (like transparencies) are also acceptable of course.

Registration desks will be open:

in hotel Sputnik (for the participants staying in that hotel)
April 9, 14:00 to 20:00   and
April 10, 10:00 to 20:00,

in President Hotel (for those staying there)
April 10, 10:00 to 18:00,

in case of late arrival, you can register during the Conference in the Organizing Committee office at the Lebedev Institute.

Those who get Russian entry visa through the commercial tour firm (travel agency) please TAKE THE TOUR PROGRAM with you in your trip as IT CAN BE REQUIRED AT THE CHECKPOINT

We would like to remind you that the registration fee Euro 300 per participant and Euro 150 per accompanying person has to be paid in cash at the registration. We apologize for the inconvenience of accepting only cash.

The registration fee covers Welcome Party, the Banquet, coffee breaks, and local transportation from and to the airport, and midday meal.

The Welcome Party will be on April 11, and the Banquet on April 14.
We also plan to organize a concert of classical music on April 13, free of charge.

= 2. As regards your actual arrival to Moscow, we would ask you to inform us (if you have not already done so) about the details as soon as these become known:

We need this information in order to meet you in the airport and accompany you to the hotel.

At the customs control in the airport, we strongly suggest that you fill a customs declaration and indicate the amount of currency you bring in, even if the amount does not formally require being declared (less than USD1.500).

Filling the declaration may facilitate taking the currency with you on your way back.

After the customs control in airport, please look for our representatives (who will also be looking for you). They will be those, and only those people carrying posters with a text "International Conference on Theoretical Physics" and your name.

The hotels can be paid in cash by Russian Rubles or by credit cards (VISA, Master Card) at the reception. Currency exchange is available in the hotel.

= 3. LUNCH (midday meal).
During the Conference, lunch will be served in the restaurant of the hotel “Sputnik”, which is a 10 minute walk from the Lebedev Institute.

= 4. NOTE.
Most currency exchange offices in Moscow accept only USD and EURO; whenever other currencies are accepted, the exchange rate to be disadvantageous.

= 5. Please Check The Weather Forecast Before Your Departure


In conjunction with the International Conference on Theoretical Physics being held in the Lebedev Institute, there will be free public lectures, which should be of interest to a general scientific audience and to many members of the general public.
Public lectures will be held on Sunday, April 17, 2005, at 10.00 am.
They are open to everyone and admission is free.
Juan Maldacena (Inst. for Advanced Study, Princeton)
    Black Holes and the Structure of Space-Time
Valery Rubakov (Inst. for Nuclear Research, Moscow)
    Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe

Public Lectures are organized and sponsored by the Dmitry Zimin Dynasty Foundation (Russia), one of the first Russian family foundations (, which specializes in support and promotion of fundamental research

Two excursions and a concert will be organized for all participants and accompanying persons free of charge:
12.04, tues. 15:00-17:30   Excursion of Novodevichy Convent and visit burial place of Igor Tamm (departure from the hotel "Sputnik");
13.04, wed. 18:30-21:00   Special concert program (in the Concert Hall of Lebedev Institute);
16.04, sat.  15:00-18:00   Bus tour of the City

11.04, mon. 11:30-13:00   Tour of Moscow Metro (5$),   15:00-18:00 Walking tour of Old Arbat street (5$);
12.04, tues.  9:00-13:30   The Moscow Kremlin (Assumption cathedral, the Armory, the Diamond Fund – 54$),   15:00-17:30   Excursion on the Novodevichii cemetery, visit to Tamm grave (free);
13.04, wed.  9:00-13:30   The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Christ the Savior Cathedral (with lifting to a sight gallery – 35$),   15:00-17:30   The Novodevichii Monastery (churches, museums - 9$);
14.04, thurs. 8:00-14:00  Bus tour to Troitse-Sergieva Lavra (20$),   15:00-18:00   The KGB museum (to be announced);
15.04, frid.  9:00-12:30  The Tretiakov Gallery (full M.Shagal exhibition "Hello, Motherland!" can also be visited there -17$),   15:00-18:00   The Andrei Rublev museum of ancient Russian icons (14$);
16.04, sat.  10:00-12:00   The Manor-museum “Kuskovo” (17$),   15:00-18:00   Bus tour of Moscow (free)

The prices per person are calculated for a group of 30 persons, final prices depend on the real number of participants. They include tickets, services of a guide, transfer from and to the hotel.
Some changes in the schedule are possible.
Information on all items of the social program will be available at bulletin boards in the hotels.

To take part in all the events listed you have to send the list of items in the above schedule which you (and persons accompanying you) plan to participate.
Your participation in the excursions and performances you have not order in advance is not guaranteed!
Payment for all the excursions will be accepted in Russian Rubles in the registration office in the hotel "Sputnik", Sunday 10.04, 17:00-20:00.
Orders and all questions should be addressed to Dr. Maxim I. Zelnikov: sights -

Hope to see you in Moscow,
With Best Regards,
Organizing Committee


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