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We are looking forward to seeing you in Moscow
This message describes the three steps for making your trip to and stay in Moscow smooth and pleasant:

There are two options recommended by the organizers -
hotel "Sputnik" and "President Hotel":

HOTEL SPUTNIK, ***, is a walking distance from the Lebedev Institute, where the Conference will take place. The Institute and the hotel are in Leninski prospect, which is a major southbound avenue beginning in the city center; the Lebedev Institute is about 1 kilometer south of the Sputnik hotel.

Today new prices communicated by the hotel administration are as follows
(per day, each option includes breakfast):
(S1) 1960 roubles - single, with shower
(S2) 2110 roubles - single, with bathtub
(S3) 2660 roubles - double, with shower
(S4) 2800 roubles - double, with bathtub
(S5) 2750 roubles - single renovated
(S6) 3620 roubles - double renovated

Prices are given in national currency (roubles), which today is quoted (by Russian Central Bank):
1$ - approx. 28 roubles,
1 EURO - approx. 36,5 roubles

There is an exchange office in the hotel or accomodation payment can be made by any credit card except American Express and Travel Checks.
Please, if you are going to book accomodation in the Sputnik hotel, indicate type of the room (better) or new price of hotel suite.

A more detailed description of the rooms is at the hotel site -
The prices indicated there (which may differ from those given above since they may not include taxes) apply if the payment is made now. Also, please note that prices may vary in time.

PRESIDENT HOTEL, *****, is in the city center, at the start of the same avenue (Leninski prospect, which becomes Bolshaya Yakimanka street and then, closer to the Kremlin, Bolshaya Polyanka street). The panorama from this hotel, situated on a river bank, includes the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, and the controversial monument to Peter the Great.

Their prices per day (with breakfast included) are
(P1) $180 single
(P2) $200 deluxe
(P3) $230 2-bed
(P4) $330 2-room suite

There will be a bus from the President Hotel to the Institute in the morning and back to the hotel after the talks. Driving time (e.g., in a taxi) is ideally about 10 minutes, but it can sharply increase because of traffic jams which are quite frequent in Bolshaya Yakimanka street and Leninski prospect in rush hours.
The hotel site -

If you prefer booking any other accommodation in Moscow at your own risk,
please inform us that you have chosen your accommodation.
We will then meet you at the airport and take you to the chosen hotel, but we will not be able to take care of your daily transportation to and from the Lebedev Institute


This step is obligatory for those who need Russian visa.
If you do not need it, please simply inform the Organizing Committee about this.

Each Russian visa will be issued on the ground of
(1) registration form,
(2) photocopy of the passport page(s) containing the holder's photograph, name, passport number and expiration date.

Please make sure to send all the necessary data no later than 11 February, but much better by 1 February.

Here are the details.

The registration form, to be eMailed to, should contain:

1. Family Name   ____________________

2. First Name(s)   __________________

3. Sex   __

4. Date of birth   __________________

5. Country of birth   ______________

6. Place of birth   _________________

7. Citizenship   ____________________________

8. Country of residence   ___________________

9. Place of residence   _____________________

10. Place of work   __________________________

11. Work address   ___________________________

12. Position   __________

13. Number of the passport with which you travel   __________

14. Passport date of issue   __________________

15. Passport expiration date   ________________

16. Passport issued by (the authority)   ________________

17. Country and city where the visa will be collected at a Russian Federation consulate   __________________________________

18. Visa required from   ____ to   _____

19. Destinations in Russia in addition to Moscow   ____________

20. Accompanying persons   ________________________________
(please see below)

The photocopies of the passport page(s) should preferrably be eMailed as an attachment to
Another possibility is to fax them to +7-095-1358533, but this may cause problems with the output quality; if your name or other crucial details do not come out right, visa application procedure may suddenly become more complicated.

The procedure:

We will apply for single-entry visas valid for 30 days from 22 March to 20 April 2005. The current regulations do not allow applying for a visa invitation more than 40 days in advance (11 February in this case). Approximately two weeks after applying (i.e. about 24 February), we should receive the official invitation, which will be sent to you via express mail. The official invitation allows you to apply for and receive the visa (having paid the consulate fee) at the Russian Consulate indicated in item 15 of the registration form. (After you have indicated the city (e.g., London) where you will collect your visa from a Russian Consulate, it cannot be transferred to a different location (e.g., Paris or Edinburgh). If your pre-conference travel plans suddenly change, a new visa application will have to be made.)

If it becomes impossible to prepare a visa by the procedure described above (for example, because you fail to complete the registration form in time or make mistakes in the registration form), we may be able to arrange an official invitation through a commercial tour firm more rapidly, but this will cost an additional 70 USD.

Accompanying persons:

A registration form and photocopy of the passport must be sent for each accompanying person. The current regulations are such that a conference participant must first obtain his or her visa; a copy of this visa sent to the organizers allows them to initiate visa application for the accompanying person(s). Considering that each visa application takes at least two weeks, plus mail delivery time, plus inevitable deviations from the ideal schedule, we don't think the process can be reliably completed in 40 days.

A faster alternative for accompanying persons can be as follows. We will send the standard invitation to all those who can in principle be invited as participants (i.e., those working in any research institution); naturally, the accompanying persons thus invited will not need to pay the registration fee as participants. For those accompanying persons who cannot be qualified as a participant, the only alternative left is an invitation through a commercial tour firm, at the cost of 70 USD.

Please address any questions about obtaining the Russian visa to Once again, please make sure to send all the necessary data no later than 1 February.


Please send us the title and abstract of your talk.

The estimated time of a talk will be 30 minutes. There will be a limited number of 40-min plenary talks.

The abstracts of talks at the Conference will be published as a booklet before the conference and will be freely available to all participants.

Because preparation of the booklet will take a time, please send the abstract no later than March 1st, 2005. It would be of great help if you format your contribution as a LaTeX file, in accordance with the enclosed sample document.

NOTE: MSWord documents will be processed by copying the text into a LaTeX source file, and therefore any formatting or special symbols (including MSWord-style formulas) will be lost.

Hope to see you in Moscow,
With Best Regards,
Organizing Committee


Addresses for correspondence:
Vladimir N. Zaikin,
vice-Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Tamm Theory Department,
Lebedev Physical Institute,
53 Leninsky Prospect, Moscow, 119991 Russia
Fax: 007 (095) 135 8533


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