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plenary sessions

Dremin I.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Kaidalov A.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Quantum chromodynamics and phenomenology of strong interactions
Gurevich A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Large-scale structure of the Universe. Analytical theory and numerical simulation
Krasnikov N., Matveev V.
(Inst. for Nuclear Research, Moscow)
Search for new physics at large hadron collider
Maldacena J.
(Inst. for Advanced Study, Princeton)
QCD, strings and black holes: the large N-limit of field theories and gravity
Mukhanov V.
(Univ. of Muenchen)
How robust are the predictions of inflation?
Parijskij Yu.
(Special Astrophysical Observatory, N.Arkhyz )
"Sakharov oscillations" and 21 century cosmology
Pruisken A.
(Univ. of Amsterdam)
Quantum criticality and super universality in the quantum Hall regime
Randall L.
(Harvard Univ.)
Relaxing to three dimensions of space
Rice T.
(Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology, Zurich)
Resonant valence bond theory and its application to high temperature superconducductors
Slavnov A.
(Steklov Inst., Moscow)
Noncommutative field theories in high energy physics
Sokolov I.
(Humboldt Univ., Berlin)
Anomalous diffusion and fractional diffusion equations
Staudacher M.
(Max Planck Inst. for Gravitational Phys., Golm)
Integrable quantum spin chains and the gauge/string correspondence
Unruh W.
(Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver)
Dumb holes and the origin of black hole thermal radiation
Vysotsky M.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Electroweak interactions

sectional sessions

Abrikosov A., Jr.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Livanov D., Varlamov A.
Electronic spectrum and tunnelling in coaxial nanotubes
Albrecht A.
(Univ. of California, Davis)
Theories of cosmic initial conditions
Alkalaev K.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
The frame-like formulation of AdS(d) mixed-symmetry fields
Altshuler B.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Calculation of large mass hierarchy from number of extra dimensions
Andreev O.
(Humboldt-Univ., Berlin & Landau Inst., Moscow)
Regge behavior in gauge/string duality
Aref'eva I.
(Steklov Inst., Moscow)
D-brane decay in superstring field theory and models of cosmological dark energy
Arseev P.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Maslova N.
Effects of electron-phonon interaction in tunneling processes in nanostructures
Ataullakhanov F.
(Moscow State Univ.)
New self-organization patterns in models of active media: a model of blood clotting as an example
Avishai Y.
(Ben-Gurion Univ.)
Doucot B.
Keldysh treatment of a spin-boson Hamiltonian at large S
Baier V.
(Budker Inst. of Nuclear Phys., Novosibirsk)
Katkov V.
Coherent and incoherent pair creation by a photon in oriented single crystal
Bandos I.
(Valencia Univ. & Kharkov Inst. of Physics and Technology)
On BPS preons, supergravity and higher spin theories
Barvinsky A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
The Gospel according to DeWitt revisited: quantum effective action in spacetimes with boundaries and braneworld gravity models
Bekaert X.
(IHES, Bures-sur-Yvette)
Higher spin gauge fields and tensorial space
Belavin A.
(Landau Inst., Moscow)
Minimal Liouville gravity
Beskin V.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Nokhrina E.
Effective particle acceleration in the parabolic magnetic field
Bogovalov S.
(Moscow Engin.Phys.Inst.)
Chechetkin V., Koldoba A., Ustyugova G.
Nature of the torus and jet-like features in the central parts of plerions
Bordag M.
(Leipzig Univ.)
Skalozub V.
Spectrum of the gluon polarization operator in a chromomagnetic field
Braginsky V.
(Moscow State Univ.)
The development of methods of quantum measurements
Brazovski S.
(Univ. Paris-Sud)
Topological excitations of correlated electronic states
Chechetkin V.
(Keldysh Inst. of Applied Math., Moscow)
Dynamics of supernova explosion
Chekhov L.
(Steklov Inst., Moscow)
AdS3/CFT2 on torus in the sum over geometries
Cherepashchuk A.
(Sternberg Astronomical Inst., Moscow)
Black hole demography
Churazov E.
(Space Research Inst., Moscow)
Ultra deep INTEGRAL observations of the Galactic center
Davydov V.
(Moscow Inst. of RadioEngineering, Electronics & Automatics)
Davydov N., Morozov V.
Autowaves on curved surfaces: theory, simulations, experiments
de Medeiros P.
(Univ. of Michigan)
Ramgoolam S.
Non-associative gauge theory and higher spin interactions
Deffayet C.
(Inst. of Astrophysics, Paris)
Cosmology and cosmological vDVZ (dis)continuity of brane-induced gravity
Deutsch A.
(Tech. Univ., Dresden)
Cellular automaton modelling of biological pattern formation
Dobrev V.
(Inst. of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Sofia)
Characters of D=4 conformal supersymmetry
Dogiel V.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Particle acceleration by plasma waves in the interstellar and intracluster media
Dokuchaev V.
(Inst. for Nuclear Research, Moscow)
Babichev E., Eroshenko Yu.
Phantom energy accretion onto black hole
Doroshkevich A.
(Astro Space Center, Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Demianski M.
Statistical characteristics of observed Ly-a forest and the shape of initial power spectrum
Dremin I.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Soft and hard processes in QCD
Dubovsky S.
(CERN, Geneva & Inst. for Nuclear Research, Moscow)
Lorentz-violating massive gravity
Efetov K.
(Ruhr-Univ. Bochum)
Bergeret S., Volkov A.
Exotic properties of superconductor-ferromagnet structures
Englert F.
(Univ. Libre de Bruxelles)
Henneaux M., Houart L.
Extended gravity and M-theories
Feigelman M.
(Landau Inst., Moscow)
Ioffe L., Yuzbashyan E.
Theory of superconductive pairing near the mobility edge
Filippov A.
(JINR, Dubna)
Dimensional reduction of supergravities producing black holes and cosmologies
Finelli F.
(Inst. of Space Astrophysics & Cosmic Physics, Bologna)
Recent results on the generation of quantum fluctuations during inflation
Finkelstein A.
(Weizmann Inst., Rehovot)
Spintronics without magnets: spin-optics
Fridman A.
(Inst. of Astronomy, Moscow)
Experimental and observational detection of over-reflection instability on the rotating shallow water and in astrophysical disks
Frolov V.
(Univ. of Alberta)
Black holes in a spacetime with large extra dimensions
Fulde P.
(Max Planck Inst. for the Phys. of Complex Systems, Dresden)
Pollmann F., Runge E.
Fractional charges in frustrated lattices
Fursaev D.
(JINR, Dubna)
Gravitational field of a spinning radiation beam pulse in higher dimensions
Galajinsky A.
(Tomsk Polytechnic Univ.)
Witten-Dijkgraaf-Verlinde-Verlinde equation and N=4 superconformal Calogero model
Galtsov D.
(Moscow State Univ.)
D-instantons and supergravity domain walls reexamined
Glazman L.
(Univ. of Minnesota)
Coulomb drag between quantum wires: beyond Tomonaga-Luttinger model
Gnedin Yu.
(Pulkovo Observatory, St.Petersburg)
Magnetic fields of supermassive black holes: current status of the observations of quasars and active galactic nuclei
Grigoriev M.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Consistent reductions of gauge theories
Gukov S.
(Harvard Univ.)
The geography of extra dimensions
Hertog T.
(Univ. of California, Santa Barbara)
Holographic cosmology
Hull C.
(Imperial College, London)
Non-geometric string backgrounds
Ioffe B.
(ITEP, Moscow)
The modern status of QCD low energy parameters.
Ioffe B.
(ITEP, Moscow)
The pentaquark - an enigma in QCD
Istomin Ya.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Angular momentum of supermassive black hole
Ivanov A.
(Cardiff Univ.)
Bipolariton eigenstates for a coherent excitonic molecule
Ivashchuk V.
(Center for Gravitation and Fundamental Metrology, Moscow)
On composite S-brane solutions
Julia B.
(Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris)
Towards dual gravity
Kagan M.
(Kapitza Inst., Moscow)
Composite fermions, trios and quarters in Fermi-Bose mixture
Kaidalov A.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Double diffractive processes - from hadrons to Higgs
Kamenshchik A.
(Univ. of Insubria, Como & Landau Inst., Moscow)
Gorini V., Moschella U., Pasquier V.
Tachyons, scalar fields, and cosmology
Katanaev M.
(Steklov Inst., Moscow)
Two-dimensional gravity: integrability and global solutions
Kawai H.
(Kyoto Univ.)
M.Hanada, Y.Kimura
Diffeomorphism and local Lorentz invariance in matrix model
Kazakov D.
(JINR, Dubna)
De Boer W., Sander C., Zhukov V., Gladyshev V.
First evidence for Galactic gamma-rays from dark matter annihilation
Khriplovich I.
(Budker Inst. of Nuclear Phys., Novosibirsk)
Quantized black holes. Horizon and mass spectrum, radiation intensity
Kikoin K.
(Ben-Gurion Univ.)
Dynamical symmetries in nanophysics
Kocharovsky Vl.
(Inst. of Applied Phys., N.Novgorod)
Aharonian F., Derishev E., Kocharovsky V.
Converter acceleration of the highest-energy cosmic rays
Kokoulina V.
(JINR, Dubna)
Nikitin V.
Multiparticle dynamics study by Gluon Dominance Model
Konishi K.
(Univ. of Pisa)
Nonabelian monopoles via monopole-vortex systems
Konstein S.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Smirnov A., Tyutin I.
Cohomologies and deformations of Poisson superalgebras
Koshelev A.
(Steklov Inst., Moscow)
Exactly solvable stringy inspired phantom model
Kravtsov V.
(ICTP, Trieste)
The role of interaction in dynamic localization in a quantum dot
Krykhtin V.
(Tomsk Polytech.Univ.)
Buchbinder I., Pashnev A.
BRST approach to Lagrangian construction for fermionic massless higher spin fields
Kulic M.
(Univ. of Frankfurt)
Forward scattering peak in the electron-phonon interaction of high-temperature-superconductors
Kuznetsov S.
(Inst. of RadioEngineering and Elecronics, Saratov)
Renormalization group approach in nonlinear dynamics - a tool for analysis of transitions to chaos
Langlois D.
(Inst. of Astrophysics, Paris)
Gravitation and cosmology in brane-worlds
Lavrov P.
(Tomsk Pedag.Univ.)
Fedosov supermanifolds
Lebedev S.
(Chuvash Univ., Cheboksary)
The charge moving in magnetic field in a proximity to the mirror: spectrum, life-times and transition probabilities
Leonidov A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Color glass condensate: a new paradigm for high energy QCD
Levinson A.
(Tel Aviv Univ.)
Energy extraction from Kerr black hole: an ultimate power source in the Universe?
Likhoded A.
(IHEP, Protvino)
Power suppressed terms in inclusive heavy-light meson production
Lokhtin I.
(Skobeltsyn Inst. of Nuclear Phys., Moscow)
Jet physics in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions
Losev A.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Marshakov A., Zeitlin A.
Strings in the "infinite-metric" backgrounds
Lozovik Yu.
(Spectroscopy Inst., Troitsk)
Strongly correlated phases and coherent phenomena in electron and electron-hole systems in nanostructures
Lukash V.
(Astro Space Center, Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Puzzles and problems of standart cosmological model
Lyakhovich S.
(Tomsk Univ.)
Sharapov A.
BRST quantization without Lagrangian and Hamiltonian
Makeenko Yu.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Cusped Wilson loops and the string/gauge correspondence
Maksimov E.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Karakozov A.
Optical sum rules in the normal and superconducting states of metals
Maldacena J.
(Inst. for Advanced Study, Princeton)
Gravity duals of field theories with U(1) x U(1) symmetry
Manjavidze I.
(JINR, Dubna)
Sissakian A.
Reduced phase space of quantum system: example of Coulomb potential
Manko V.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Entanglement and tomographic entropy of quantum states in probability representation of quantum mechanics
Manvelyan R.
(Yerevan Physics Inst., & Tech.Univ. of Kaiserslautern)
Ruhl W.
The off-shell behaviour of propagators and the Goldstone field in higher spin gauge theory on AdSd+1 space
Matsuo T.
(Inst. of Phys. and Chem. Research, Wako, Saitama)
String interpretation for finite N Yang-Mills theory in two-dimensions
Meierovich B.
(Kapitza Inst., Moscow)
Bronnikov K.
Gravitating global topological defects in extra dimensions
Mensky M.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Dissipation of quantum systems in a model-independent approach
Mironov A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Matrix integrals and loop equations: modern views
Mkrtchyan R.
(Yerevan Physics Inst.)
Mkrtchyan H.
On a E11 hypothesis
Mukhanov V.
(Univ. of Muenchen)
B.DeWitt on interpretation of quantum mechanics
Narozhny N.
(Moscow Engin.Phys.Inst.)
Intense field QED
Nekrasov I.
(Inst. of Metal Physics, Ekaterinburg)
Full orbital calculation scheme for materials with strongly correlated electrons
Nesterenko V.
(JINR, Dubna)
Spectral geometry and open systems
Nesterov D.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Barvinsky A.
Late-time asymptotics of the heat kernel and new nonlocal effective action
Neznamov V.
(NRIEP, Sarov)
Standart model in Foldy-Wouthuysen representation
Nikishov A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Problems in field theoretical approach to gravitation
Novikov I.
(Astro Space Center, Lebedev Inst., Moscow & Niels Bohr Inst., Kopenhagen)
The internal structure of black holes
Novikov V.
(ITEP, Moscow)
K\bar K binary system in quantum mechanics and in quantum field theory: CPT
Ohashi K.
(Tokyo Inst. of Technology)
Eto M., Isozumi Y., Nitta M., Sakai N.
Solitons in the Higgs phase and their moduli spaces
Okamoto I.
(Nat. Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Mitaka)
Electromagnetic extraction of energy from Kerr black hole
Okun L.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Formula E = mc2 in the World Year of Physics
Olshanetsky M.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Sklyanin algebra from topological field theory
Ovanesyan G.
(Moscow Inst. of Physics and Technology)
Hunting for the alpha: B -->rr, B -->pp, B -->rp
Ovchinnikov S.
(Inst. of Physics, Krasnoyarsk)
Gavrichkov V., Korshunov M., Shneider E.
Electronic structure and electron-phonon interaction in copper oxides in the regime of strong electron correlations
Panfilov A.
(Utrecht Univ.)
Modelling in electrphysiology using anatomically accurate models of the heart
Papadopoulos G.
(King's College, Univ. of London)
The spinorial geometry of supersymmetric backgrounds
Pegoraro F.
(Univ. of Pisa)
Bulanov S., Esirkepov, Migliozzi P., Tajima T., Terranova F.
Exploring high-energy physics with laser-driven proton beams
Pioline B.
(LPTHE, Univ. of Paris)
Exact degeneracies of small black holes and the topological string amplitude
Polezhaev A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Spatio-temporal patterns, driven by the flow instability
Polikarpov M.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Kovalenko A., Syritsyn S., Zakharov V.
Confining fields in lattice QCD
Popov V.
(ITEP, Moscow)
On Feynman method of disentangling of noncommuting operators
Postnov K.
(Sternberg Astronomical Inst., Moscow)
Cosmic gamma-ray bursts: do we observe the formation of black hole?
Randall L.
(Massachusetts Inst. of Tech., Cambridge)
Relaxing to three dimensions of space
Royzen I.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Phase states of sub-hadronic matter and microscopic pattern of its hadronization
Rubakov V.
(Inst. for Nuclear Research, Moscow)
Lorentz-violation and generation of perturbations at inflation
Rychkov V.
(Univ. of Amsterdam)
Free fermion droplets and the half-BPS sector of AdS/CFT
Sadovskii M.
(Inst. of Electrophysics, Ekaterinburg)
Kuchinskii E., Nekrasov I.
Pseudogaps in strongly correlated metals
Sagues F.
(Univ. of Barselona)
Alonso S., Sancho J.
Deterministic vs. stochastic control of 3D excitation waves
Savrasov S.
(New Jersey Inst. of Technology)
Plutonium as strongly correlated metal
Sazhin M.
(Sternberg Astronomical Inst., Moscow)
Khovanskaya O., Cappaciolli M., Longo G.
Probing of the nature of double sources in vicinity of the CSL-1
Semenov V.
(St.Petersburg Univ.)
String mechanism for relativistic jet formation
Shabad A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Black-hole concept of apoint-like nucleus with supercritical charge
Sharapov A.
(Tomsk Univ.)
Lyakhovich S.
Global invariants of gauge systems
Shaynkman O.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Alkalaev K., Vasiliev M.
Lagrangian formulation for free mixed-symmetry bosonic gauge fields in AdS(d)
Shevchenko V.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Casimir effect with more than one scale
Shibanov Yu.
(Ioffe Inst., St.Petersburg)
Optical observations of radio pulsars
Shirkov D.
(JINR, Dubna)
Non-power functional expansions for QCD observables at low energies
Sibiryakov S.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Ultra-large distance modification of gravity from Lorentz symmetry breaking at the Plank scale
Simonov Yu.
(ITEP, Moscow)
New results in the dynamics of confinement and deconfinement in QCD
Skalozub V.
(Dnepropetrovsk Univ.)
Gulov A.
Signals of a heavy Z' gauge boson in the Bhabha scattering process
Sokoloff D.
(Moscow Univ.)
Artyushkova M., Ivanova E.
Intermittency in dynamo and Jacobi equations
Solodukhin S.
(International Univ. Bremen)
Relaxation and unitarity in three-dimensional black hole
Somov B.
(Sternberg Astronomical Inst., Moscow)
Magnetic reconnection of solar flares: current state of the theory of S.I.Syrovatskii
Sorin A.
(JINR, Dubna)
Gribanov V., Kadyshevsky V.
Hamiltonian structures of fermionic two-dimensional Toda lattice hierarchies
Sorokin D.
(Kharkov Inst. for Theor.Physics & Padova Univ.)
Kallosh R.
Dirac on M-branes with fluxes
Starobinsky A.
(Landau Inst., Moscow)
Primordial inhomogeneities in the Universe: the present status
Staudacher M.
(Max Planck Inst. for Gravitational Phys., Golm)
The factorized S-Matrix of CFT/AdS
Stelle K.
(Imperial College, London)
Stability of Horava-Witten spacetimes
Studenikin A.
(Moscow State Univ.)
Neutrino quantum states and spin light in matter
Sundell P.
(Uppsala Univ.)
On higher spins with a strong Sp(2,R) condition
Ter-Martirosyan K.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Experimental neutrino masses, mixing angles for three generations, and the neutrino oscillations in models with gauge and left-right symmetries
Timokhin A.
(Sternberg Astronomical Inst., Moscow)
Could we see oscillations of the neutron star after the glitch in pulsar?
Tipunin I.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Feigin B., A.Gainutdinov A., Semikhatov A.
Verlinde formula in logarithmic conformal field theories and a modular group action in centers of quantum groups
Toporensky A.
(Sternberg Astronomical Inst., Moscow)
DeSitter stability in string gravity with higher order curvature corrections
Toptygin I.
(S.-Petersburg State Polytech.Univ.)
Magnetic field, turbulence and particle acceleration in supernova remnants
Truemper J.
(Max Planck Inst. for Extraterrestrial Phys., Garching)
The equation of state at supernuclear densities - results of recent astronomical observations
Tseytlin A.
(Ohio State Univ. & Imperial College, London)
On the spectrum of strings in AdS5 x S5 and gauge theory - string theory duality
Tsupko O.
(Space Research Inst., Moscow)
Bisnovatyi-Kogan G.
Approximate dynamics of dark matter ellipsoid in large-scale structure formation of the Universe
Tsvelik A.
(Brookhaven National Lab.)
Between one and higher dimensions: doped spin ladders
Tureanu A.
(Helsinki Univ. & Helsinki Inst. of Phys.)
Chaichian M.
Noncommutative quantum field theories: new space-time symmetry and exact results
Unruh W.
(Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver)
Measurement and quantum gravity
van Putten M.
(Massachusetts Inst. of Tech., Cambridge)
Triplets: gravitational wave bursts in GRB-supernovae as sources for LIGO and Virgo
Vanhove P.
Pure spinors and M-theory
Vanyashin V.
(Dnepropetrovsk Univ.)
Axion emission by transverse plasma photons
Vasiliev M.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Unfolded formulation of relativistic dynamical systems
Vasiliev E.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Zelnikov M.
Dark matter absorption by a supermassive black hole at the Galactic center: role of boundary conditions
Venturi G.
(Bologna Univ. & INFN, Bologna)
Casadio R., Finelli F., Luzzi M.
Improved WKB analysis of cosmological perturbations
Volkov E.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Ullner E., Kurths J.
Frequency-selective weak signal acceptance by homogeneous array of coupled relaxation oscillators
Volkov M.
(Univ. of Tours)
Forgacs P.
Resonant excitations of the 't Hooft-Polyakov monopole
Vollhardt D.
(Univ. of Augsburg)
Theory of strongly correlated electron systems: From simple models to real materials
Volovich I.
(Steklov Inst.,Moscow)
Disentanglement in quantum field theory and Bellís experiments
Waxman E.
(Weizmann Inst., Rehovot)
Extra-galactic sources of high-energy neutrinos
West P.
(King's College London)
Symmetries of M theory
Woelfle P.
(Univ. of Karlsruhe)
Kroha J., Paaske J., Rosch A.
Nonequilibrium electron transport through quantum dots in the Kondo regime
Woodard R.
(Univ. of Florida)
Tsamis N.
Stochastic formulation of inflationary quantum gravity
Yakovlev D.
(Ioffe Inst., St.Petersburg)
Levenfish K., Gusakov M.
Nonequilibrium weak-interaction processes in neutron stars
Zaikin A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow & Forschungszentrum, Karlsruhe)
Golubev D.
Electron transport, fluctuations and electron-electron interactions in mesoscopic conductors
Zakharov A.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Greensite J., Olejnik S., Polikarpov M., Syritsyn S.
Measuring parameters of supermassive black holes
Zakharov V.
(Max Planck Inst. for Physics, Muenchen)
Anderson localization in pure Yang-Mills theories
Zasov A.
(Sternberg Astronomical Inst., Moscow)
Dark mass in disky galaxies: a problem of estimation
Zelenyi L.
(Space Research Inst., Moscow)
Malova H., Popov V., Milovanov V.
Plasma processes in laminar and turbulent current sheets
Zhotikov V.
(Moscow Inst. of Physics and Technology)
Relativistic invariance and existence of fundamental length
Zinoviev Yu.
(IHEP, Protvino)
On dual formulations for massive tensor fields
Zupnik B.
(JINR, Dubna)
Nonanticommutative deformations of hypermultiplets
Zybin K.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
The growth of giant black holes
Zykov V.
(Tech.Univ., Berlin)
Feedback-mediated drift of spiral waves as an interference pattern

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