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June 29

  9.00-11.00 Free Discussion
11.00-11.30 Coffee-Break
Session QUANTUM FIELD THEORY   Chairperson: K.Stelle
  9.00 V.Manko(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)New results in quantum mechanics with probability determining the quantum state
  9.40 A.Gorsky(ITEP, Moscow)High energy QCD:stringy picture from the hidden integrability
10.20 M.Shifman(Univ. of Minnesota)Sakharov's induced gravity and possible solution of the cosmological constant problem in infinite volume extra dimensions
11.00 - 11.30 Coffee-Break
PLENARY SESSION   Chairperson: L.Brink
11.30 R.Sunyaev (Max-Planck-Inst., Garching & Space Research Inst., Moscow)Disk accretion onto neutron stars and the ways to distinguish accreting black holes from neutron stars
12.10 A.Linde(Stanford Univ.)Inflation, theories with negative potentials and the future of the universe
12.50 L.Okun(ITEP, Moscow)Evolution of concepts in physics of XX Century


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