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June 28

PLENARY SESSION   Chairperson: O.Krokhin
  9.00 I.Antoniadis (CERN)Physics with large extra dimensions
  9.40 S.Stishov(Inst. for High Pressure Phys., Troitsk)Current state of high pressure physics
10.20 V.Fortov(Inst. High Energy Density AIHT, Moscow)Intense shock waves and extreme state of matter
11.00-11.30 Coffee-Break
Session ASTROPHYSICS: from Disks to Jets   Chairperson: M.Shapiro
11.30 B.Coppi(MIT)The issue of angular momentum transport at all scales in the Universe
12.10 A.Boyarchuk,
A.Cherepashchuk, D.Bisikalo
(Inst. of Astronomy, Moscow)Interaction of gaseous flows in cataclysmic binaries
12.50 G.Bisnovatyi-Kogan(Space Research Inst., Moscow)Magnetorotational mechanism: jet formation and supernovae explosions
13.30-15.00 Lunch
Session Astrophysics: from Disks to Jets   Chairperson: B.Coppi
15.00 A.Koldoba,
R.Lovelace, G.Ustyugova
(Keldysh Inst. of Applied Math., Moscow)3D MHD disk accretion to a rotating non-aligned dipole
15.30 S.Komissarov(Univ. of Leeds) Time-dependent degenerate electrodynamics and extraction of rotational energy of black holes
16.00 O.Kaburaki(Astronomical Inst., Tohoku Univ.)Generation of winds from inefficiently radiating accretion flows
16.30-17.00 Coffee-Break
Session Astrophysics: from Disks to Jets   Chairperson: H.Sol
17.00 C.Fendt(Univ. of Potsdam)Stationary models of relativistic MHD jets
17.30 D.Khangoulian,
(Moscow Engin.Phys.Inst.) Nature of morphology of the central part of the Crab nebula: interpretation of the Chandra observations
18.00 M.Reshetnyak,
P.Frick, D.Sokoloff
(Schmidt Inst. of Phys. of the Earth, Moscow)Hydromagnetic dynamo in astrophysical flows and laboratory
Session EXTREMAL STATES OF MATTER   Chairperson: V.Fortov
11.30 W.Nellis(Lawrence Livermore Nat.Lab.)Systematics of the dynamic compression of hydrogen and other small molecular fluids at extreme conditions
12.10 R.Trunin(VNIIEF, Sarov)Super-dense state of metals compressed by shock waves
12.50 V.Ktitorov(VNIIEF, Sarov)Stability of diverging shock waves
13.30 - 15.00 Lunch
Session Extremal States of Matter   Chairperson: V.Shafranov
15.00 V.Golant,
(Ioffe Inst., St.Petersburg)Spherical Tokamaks
15.40-16.20 M.Peng(UT-Battelle, ORNL & Princeton Plasma Phys.Lab.)Latest results from the U.S. national spherical torus experiment
16.30 - 17.00 Coffee-Break
Session Extremal States of Matter   Chairperson: V.Golant
17.00-17.40 G.Kochemasov,
G.Kirillov, et al.
(VNIIEF, Sarov)Review of the researches on hot and dency plasma physics fulfilled on the "ISKRA-5" laser facility
Session SUPERSTRINGS AND DUALITIES   Chairperson: E.Ivanov
11.30 K.Stelle(Imperial College, London)Kaluza-Klein corrections to brane worlds
12.10 A.Tseytlin(Ohio State Univ. & Imperial College, London)Semiclassical quantization of superstrings in AdS5 x S5
12.50 M.Staudacher(Max-Planck-Inst., Golm)A new double-scaling limit of N = 4 super Yang-Mills theory and PP-wave strings
13.30 - 15.00 Lunch
Session Superstrings and Dualities   Chairperson: I.Aref'eva
15.00 H.Itoyama(Osaka Univ.)Off-shell crosscap state and orientifold planes with background dilatons
15.30 A.Marshakov(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)Domain wall in two dimensions as a problem of string theory
16.00 R.Metsaev(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)Branes in plane wave Ramond-Ramond background
16.30 - 17.00 Coffee-Break
Session Superstrings and Dualities   Chairperson: I.Todorov
17.00-17.40 M.Olshanetsky(ITEP, Moscow)2d-hydrodynamics, integrable tops and non-commutative torus
Session BRANE WORLD AND QUANTUM GRAVITY   Chairperson: B.Whiting
15.00 I.Volovich(Steklov Inst., Moscow)Black hole production in high-energy collisions
15.30 S.Solodukhin(Munich Univ.)Black hole production in particle collisions
16.00 D.Gal'tsov(Moscow Univ.)Supergravity fluxbranes
16.30-17.00 Coffee-Break
Session Brane World and Quantum Gravity   Chairperson: W.Unruh
17.00 B.Whiting(Florida Univ.) Green's function decompositions, smoothness and Binary inspiral
17.30 V.Berezin(Inst.Nucl.Research, Moscow)Towards a theory of quantum black holes
17.00 H.Reall(Queen Mary, Univ. of London)The end of black hole uniqueness
Session QUANTUM FIELD THEORY   Chairperson:
11.30 D.Gitman,
(Univ. of Sao Paulo)Quantization of theories with degenerate coordinates
12.00 T.Osborn(Univ. of Manitoba)Magnetic curvature of quantum phase space
12.30 S.Lyakhovich(Tomsk Univ.)BRST quantization of constrained Hamiltonian systems without splitting into first and second class
13.00 P.Lavrov(Tomsk Pedag.Univ.)Extended BRST quantization in general coordinates
13.30-15.00 Lunch


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