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We are looking forward to seeing you at the
Third International Sakharov Conference on Physics
in Moscow.

This page describes the two necessary steps for this:
There are two recommended options: hotel "Sputnik" and "President Hotel".

SPUTNIK, ***, (38, Leninsky Prospect) is a walking distance from the conference site at the Lebedev Institute (the Institute and the hotel are in Leninsky prospect, which is a big southbound avenue starting in the city center).

A metro station is some 10-15 minute walk from the hotel.

The current prices are as follows:
(S1) $31   single, with shower
(S2) $35   single, with a bathtub
(S3) $42   2-bed, shower
(S4) $43   2-bed, bathtub
All the rooms have telephone, TV set, refrigerator.
Accommodation charge includes breakfast.

It is recommended that you make your booking at "Sputnik" through the organizers.

PRESIDENT HOTEL, *****, is located towards city center (24 Bolshaya Yakimanka str.) in the same avenue as the conference site at the Lebedev Institute (Leninsky Prospect, which then becomes Bolshaya Yakimanka street).

The panorama from this hotel, situated on the Moscow River bank, includes the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, and the controversial monument to Peter the Great.

A metro station is about 10-minute walk from the hotel.

Bus transportation will be organized from the President Hotel to the Institute in the morning and back to the hotel after the talks. Net driving time (e.g., in a taxi) is about 10 minutes, however it can increase because of traffic jams in rush hours.

At present, their prices are:
(P1) $120   single
(P2) $140   single lux
(P3) $160   2-bed
(P4) $220   2-room suite
All rooms are of international standard. The price includes breakfast (buffet), use of swimming pool and gym from 7am to 12am.

This might be some 20% cheaper if we are given a discount, depending on the number of bookings that we make. PARTICIPANTS WISHING TO STAY AT THE PRESIDENT HOTEL ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO MAKE THEIR BOOKINGS THROUGH THE ORGANIZERS (or in simple terms, we book it for you following your preferences).

For both the "Sputnik" and "President Hotel", the organizers will process your bookings in the order of their appearance (late bookings might therefore be problematic).

Please inform the organizers in case you prefer to book a hotel by yourself.


Each Russian visa will be issued on the ground of
(1) Registration Form,
(2) Photocopy of the passport page(s) containing the holder's photograph, name, passport number and expiration date.

You are kindly asked to submit the Registration Form.

It would be most helpful if you do this before March 15th (the visa application process takes time and it may be out of our control after a certain stage).

A separate Registration Form (as well as the photocopy of the passport page(s)) is required for every accompanying person.

Please fax passport photocopies to (7 095)135 85 33.

If you intend to visit other destinations in Russia in addition to Moscow, please do not forget to indicate these in the form.
Another essential point to remember is that after you have indicated the city (e.g., London) where you will collect your visa from a Russian Consulate, it cannot be transferred to a different location (e.g., Paris or Edinburgh).
If your pre-conference travel plans suddenly change, a new visa application will have to be made.


Contact Information
Vladimir N. Zaikin,
vice-Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Tamm Theory Department,
P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute,
53 Leninsky Prospect, Moscow, 119991 Russia
Fax: 007 (095) 135 8533


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