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Quantization, Gauge Theory, and Strings
scientific program
June 7

PLENARY SESSION   Chairperson: R.Kallosh
  9.00 A.Slavnov(Steklov Inst., Moscow)An alternative approach to quanization of non-Abelian gauge theories
  9.40 M.Henneaux(Univ. Libre de Bruxelles)Consistent interactions for a collection of massless spin-2 fields
10.20 A.Vainshtein(Minnesota Univ.)Monopole, gluino and charge condensates in gauge theories with broken N=2 supersymmetry
11.00 - 11.30 Coffee-Break
PLENARY SESSION A   Chairperson: I.Bars
11.30 L.Brink(Chalmers Univ., Goteborg)Dirac equations, light cone supersymmetry and superconformal algebras
12.10 A.Van Proeyen(Leuven Univ.)The unifying superalgebra OSp(1|32)
12.50 C.Fronsdal(Univ. of California, Los Angeles)Singletons and neutrinos
13.30 - 15.00 Lunch
PLENARY SESSION B   Chairperson: S.Fulling
11.30 K.Kuchar(Univ. of Utah)General relativity and phase space of histories
12.10 A.Filippov(JINR, Dubna)Preludes to quantum gravity
12.50 Z.Bern(Univ. of California, Los Angeles)Perturbative relations berween quantum gauge and gravity theories
13.30 - 15.00 Lunch
SESSION A   Chairperson: C.Fronsdal
15.00 M.Cederwall(Chalmers Univ., Goteborg)D=11 superspace and higher-derivative terms
15.30 R.Metsaev(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)Eleven dimensional supergravity in light-cone gauge
16.00 P.Vanhove(Cambridge Univ.)Higher derivative corrections in M-theory
16.20 S.Konstein(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)Conformal higher spin currents on any dimension and AdS/CFT correspondence
16.40 E.Akhmedov(ITEP, Moscow)D-brane annihilation, tachyon rolling and renormalization group flow
17.00 - 17.30 Coffee-Break
SESSION B   Chairperson: V.Fainberg
15.00 M.Soloviev(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)Connection between spin and statistics, CPT invariance, and analytic wave front set of distributions
15.40 A.Kapustin(Inst. for Advanced Study, Princeton)Little string theories
16.00 A.Smirnov(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)Wick series in positive or indefinite metric field theories
16.20 K.Alkalaev(Tomsk Univ.)Global topological obstructions to consistent introducing of interactions with backgrounds of 2+1 massive higher-spin particles and its quantization
16.40 S.Shakhverdiev(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)On local variational differential operators in field theory
17.00 - 17.30 Coffee-Break

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