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Quantization, Gauge Theory, and Strings
scientific program
June 5

OPENING (Lebedev Institute, Main Conference Hall)   Chairperson: A.Gurevich
  9.00 - 10.30 Opening
10.30 - 10.50 Coffee-Break
PLENARY SESSION (Lebedev Institute, Main Conference Hall)  Chairperson: L.Brink
11.00 J.Schwarz(California Inst. of Technology)Recent progress in superstring theory
11.40 K.Milton(Oklahoma Univ.)Dimensional and dynamical aspects of the Casimir effect: Understanding the reality and significance of vacuum energy
12.20 A.Gurevich(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)Statistical limit in an integrable system at the fully determined initial condition
13.00 - 15.00 Lunch
SESSION A   Chairperson: I.Aref'eva
15.00 K.Skenderis(Princeton Univ.)Holography and the energy momentum tensor
15.30 G.Kunstatter(Univ. of Winnipeg)Boundary dynamics of higher dimensional AdS spacetime
16.00 A.Petkou(Univ. of Kaiserslautern)Four-point functions and operator product expantions in CFTs from AdS/CFT correspondence
16.20 J.Rahmfeld(Stanford Univ.)Superspace: bulk vs. boundary
16.40 R.Manvelyan(Phys.Inst., Yerevan)R-currents and trace anomalies in the (2,0) tensor multiplet in d=6 and AdS/CFT correspondence
17.00 - 17.30 Coffee-Break
SESSION A   Chairperson: N.Berkovits
17.30 A.Smilga(Nantes Univ.)Normalized bound states in matrix models with exotic gauge groups
18.00 D.Minic(Univ. of Southern California)Towards covariant matrix theory
J.Plefka(Albert-Einstein-Inst., Potsdam)Vertex operators for the supermembrane
SESSION B   Chairperson: T.Osborn
15.00 I.Bialynicki-Birula(Center for Theor.Phys., Warszawa)New classical mechanics of relativistic particles and its quantization
15.30 D.Gitman(Univ. of Sao Paulo)Quantization of relativistic particle and consistent relativistic quantum mechanics
16.00 A.Nersessian(JINR, Dubna)The dualities of oscillator and Coulomb systems on spheres and anti-deSitter spaces
16.20 A.Pashnev(JINR, Dubna)Extended one dimensional superconformal symmetry and spinning particles
16.40 A.Abrikosov(ITEP, Moscow)Instanton solutions in curvilinear coordinates
17.00 - 17.30 Coffee-Break
SESSION B   Chairperson: I.Khriplovich
17.30 I.Buchbinder(Univ. of Sao Paulo)Low-energy effective action in N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories
18.00 C.Schubert(LAPP, Annecy)Four-point functions of chiral primary operators in N=4 SYM
18.20 B.Zupnik(JINR, Dubna)Short harmonic-superspace representations in N=4 gauge theory
A.Yung(Minnesota Univ.)Confinement on Higgs branches in N=2 supersymmetric gauge theory
19.30 - Welcome Party

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