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Quantization, Gauge Theory, and Strings
third announcement

Thank you for your consent to participate in the International Conference "Quantization, Gauge Theory, and Strings" dedicated to the memory of Professor Efim Fradkin.

The Conference will be held June 5-10, 2000 in Moscow.
The opening session of the Conference will take place at the Lebedev Physical Institute at 9.00 a.m. on June 5.
All other sessions will take place at the hotel "Central Tourist House".

We are happy to inform you that in addition to welcome party, the banquet, coffee-breaks and local transportation from and to the airport the registration fee also covers a copy of the Conference Proceedings for each participant.

The registration fee of USD 250 (or its equivalent) for a participant and USD 150 (or equivalent) for an accompanying person must be paid in cash to the Organizing Committee at the moment of registration.

The hotels are to be paid in cash at the check-in, the Russian Rouble equivalent to USD 30 per day (a single room) or USD 15 per day (a shared room with another participant).
Please inform us before May 10 which possibility you choose.

There is a currency exchange office in the hotel. The full cost of meals in the hotel is USD 10 per day (not included into the cost of the room).

We are planning to arrange a sightseeing of Moscow, visits to museums, theatres, etc. for extra charge.
We apologize for the inconvenience with having to pay in cash.

At the customs control in the Sheremetyevo Airport, we strongly suggest that you fill a customs declaration and indicate therein the amount of currency you bring in, even if the amount (less than USD 1500) does not formally require being declared. Filling the declaration may be helpful to facilitate taking the currency with you on your way back.

We also suggest that you have the currency in USD or DM, because most exchange offices work with these two currencies only, and the exchange rate for other currencies is likely to be less advantageous.

After the customs control in Sheremetyevo, please look for our representatives (who also will be looking for you). They can be almost unmistakably recognized by a poster reading. You will then be taken to the Central Tourist House.

We are looking forward to see you at the Conference.

The address of the Central Tourist House is 146, Leninsky prospekt.
The telephone number of the Information Service of the hotel is 7(095) 434 2782, and the telephone numbers of the Reception Desk are 7(095) 438 5510, 434 9467, 438 9562.

To get there from the airport "Sheremetievo-2" you first take bus No 551 or shuttle bus "Autoline" from the airport "Sheremetievo" to the metro station "Rechnoi Vokzal"; the bus leaves every 15 minutes, and it takes approximately half an hour to get to the metro.
Then you go by metro to the station "Teatral'naya", change the line and go from the station "Okhotnyi Ryad" to the station "Yugo-Zapadnaya", and there from two stops by bus No 144, 250, 699, 752 or trolleybus No 62, 84 to the stop "Ulitsa 26 Bakinskikh Komissarov".

The Central Tourist House is situated in front of this stop across the road.

contact information

Please address all correspondence concerning the Conference to the Scientific Secretary:
Vladimir N. Zaikin,
Lebedev Physical Institute,
53 Leninsky Prospect, Moscow, 117924 Russia
Fax: 007 (095) 135 8533
e-mail: esfconf@lpi.ru

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