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  Astrophysics and classical gravity
  Ionospheric and plasma physics
  High energy particle physics
  Quantum Field Theory, String Theory
  Theoretical Biophysics
Multiparticle production and QCD
multiplicity distributions I.Dremin, V.Nechitailo
correlations and fluctuations I.Dremin, V.Nechitailo
coherent and squeezed states I.Andreev, I.Dremin
chiral states and sigma-model I.Andreev, I.Dremin, M.Tsypin
disoriented chiral condensate and phase transitions I.Andreev, I.Dremin, M.Tsypin
Bose-Einstein correlations I.Andreev
nucleus-nucleus collisions and wavelets I.Dremin, V.Nechitailo

Elastic and diffractive scattering
"real to imaginary" ratio, double diffraction, eikonal methods I.Dremin, I.Royzen, I.Andreev

Quark-gluon plasma
quark-gluon plasma E.Feinberg, I.Royzen

BFKL-pomeron and jets I.Dremin, A.Leonidov

Heavy quarks
production processes I.Dremin, A.Leonidov
accompanying gluon radiation I.Dremin

Lattice calculations
effective potential, Ising model M.Tsypin

inelastic diffraction E.Feinberg
prompt photons E.Feinberg
one-pion exchange model I.Dremin
Cherenkov gluons I.Dremin
multiperipheral cluster model I.Dremin, I.Royzen
equations of jets, fractality I.Dremin, A.Leonidov
quasiclassical approach I.Andreev
potential models of quarkonia I.Dremin, A.Leonidov


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