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  Astrophysics and classical gravity
  Ionospheric and plasma physics
  High energy particle physics
  Quantum Field Theory, String Theory
  Theoretical Biophysics
Plasma kinetics
kinetic of collisional plasma A.Gurevich
runaway breakdown A.Gurevich, A.Lukyanov, K.Zybin
transport on suprathermal and runaway particles A.Gurevich, A.Lukyanov, K.Zybin
turbulent transport in plasma A.Gurevich, Ya.Istomin, A.Lukyanov, K.Zybin
nonlinear waves and its radiation Ya.Istomin

Nonlinear dynamics of collisionalless plasma
expanding plasma into vacuum, dynamics of noncollisional waves;
nonlinear waves in dispersive hydrodynamics

Nonlinear phenomena in ionosphere
nonlinear phenomena in E-region A.Gurevich, K.Zybin
nonlinear phenomena in F-region A.Gurevich, Ya.Istomin, A.Lukyanov, K.Zybin


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