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  Astrophysics and classical gravity
  Ionospheric and plasma physics
  High energy particle physics
  Quantum Field Theory, String Theory
  Theoretical Biophysics
theory of information generation (on the example of life outbreak and evolution) D.Chernavskii
theory of realization of genetic information in ontogenesis and
theory of information processing in biosystems (image analysis, neuro- and biocomputing)

Nonlinear oscillations
mathematical modelling of spatially distributed systems with autooscillatory local dynamics E.Volkov, M.Stolyarov
attractors and patterns in networks of linked asymmetric relaxation oscillators  
theoretical investigation of multicellular systems in which each cell is viewed as an oscillator capable of division and interacting with other cells  

Pattern formation
Turing and non-Turing mechanisms of pattern formation A.Polezhaev, A.Kolobov
Liesegang precipitation patterns  
patterns formed by bacterial systems; chemotactic cell aggregation  
morphogenesis in higher organisms; mathematical modelling of vertebrate somitic segmentation  
modelling of electro-chemical patterns formed on membranes of algae cells  
mathematical modelling of spatial tumour growth  


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