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  Astrophysics and classical gravity
  Ionospheric and plasma physics
  High energy particle physics
  Quantum Field Theory, String Theory
  Theoretical Biophysics
Constraint dynamics
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian quantization I.Batalin, I.Tyutin, B.Voronov, A.Semikhatov
deformational quantization I.Batalin, I.Tyutin
geometric quantization I.Batalin, I.Tyutin
fibre bundle techniques M.Soloviev
pseudoclassical particle dynamics I.Tyutin
semiclassical methods A.Barvinsky

Non-Abelian gauge theories
renormalization I.Tyutin, B.Voronov
stochastic quantization V.Fainberg
models with Chern-Simons terms V.Fainberg, I.Tyutin
geometrical and topological aspects A.Marshakov, A.Semikhatov, M.Soloviev
infrared singular models M.Soloviev

Higher-spin gauge theories
infinite-dimensional symmetries A.Marshakov, S.Konstein, M.Vasiliev
nonlinear equations M.Vasiliev
Lagrangian interactions R.Metsaev, M.Vasiliev

Quantum gravity
quantum cosmology B.Altshuler, A.Barvinsky
inflation, black holes A.Barvinsky
2D gravity A.Marshakov, A.Mironov

String theory
effective action R.Metsaev
string amplitudes R.Metsaev
string propagators V.Fainberg, A.Marshakov
matrix models A.Marshakov, A.Mironov
duality, field theory limit strings A.Marshakov, A.Mironov

Integrable systems
exact solutions to 2d gravity and SUSY models A.Marshakov, A.Mironov
hierarchies in noncritical strings A.Semikhatov
integrable systems in higher-spin models S.Konstein, M.Vasiliev
classical and quantum integrable systems A.Marshakov, A.Mironov
quantization of singular integrable systems B.Voronov

Conformal field models
2d conformal field theories A.Marshakov, A.Mironov, A.Semikhatov
conformal solutions in arbitrary dimensions V.Zaikin
superconformal symmetry A.Marshakov, A.Semikhatov

Quantum effects in external fields
strong electro-magnetic fields A.Nikishov, V.Ritus, A.Shabad
mass shift, particle production A.Nikishov, V.Ritus
accelerated frames A.Nikishov, V.Ritus
gravitational effects A.Barvinsky, A.Nikishov, V.Ritus
finite temperature QED A.Shabad

Models of grand unification
exceptional gauge groups S.Konstein
supersymmetric models S.Konstein, A.Marshakov

Quantum theory of nonlocal interactions
quantum theory of nonlocal interactions V.Fainberg, M.Soloviev

General principles of QFT
axiomatic approach V.Fainberg, M.Soloviev, B.Voronov
scatterring theory, dispersion relations V.Fainberg, B.Voronov
Euclidean Green's functions M.Soloviev


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