Igor M. Dremin
Professor, Doctor of Phys.&Math.Sciences, Principal Researcher, Head of Laboratory
phone: (499)132-2929, E-mail: dremin@lpi.ru
Quantum chromodynamics, phenomenological models, multiparticle production, coherent and squeezed states, fractals, intermittency, correlations, wavelets

The main results:
proposal of one-meson approximation, multiperipheral cluster models, Cherenkov gluons, generalization of QCD equations for jets, solution of QCD equations for generating functions, prediction of cumulants' oscillations, proposal of fractal structure in multiple production, ring-like events and heavy quarks' radiation, squeezed isospin states, statistical analogies, intermittency in conformal field theories, practical applications of wavelet analysis

The current interests: QCD and multiparticle production (especially, in e+e---annihilation), squeezed (and more general) states, anomalies in multiparticle correlations, low x-physics, wavelet analysis (especially, in nucleus-nucleus collisions and in applied fields)

Last updated: October 24, 2001