Andrey A. Polezhaev
Doctor of Phys.&Math.Sciences, Scientific Secretary
phone: (499)132-6977, E-mail:
Non-linear dynamic systems, pattern formation and self-organization in biological and chemical systems

The main results
concern general problems of dissipative structure models, such as existence and stability of solutions, spatial mode selection, reduction of models and also mathematical models of specific biological and chemical systems demonstrating stationary pattern formation. Namely the models, explaining spatial patterning by bacterial colonies, Liesegang precipitation patterns, periodic patterning in vertebrates and light-triggered electro-chemical patterns on membranes of Charasean cells were suggested

At present
the main direction of research is investigation of Turing and non-Turing mechanisms of pattern formation; modelling of self-organization in biological and chemical systems including chemotactic cell aggregation, tumour growth, electro-chemical patterns on a cellular level and precipitation patterns

List of selected publications:
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Last updated: November 5, 2001