Ruslan R. Metsaev
Doctor of Phys.&Math.Sciences, Leading Researcher
phone: (499)132-6049, E-mail:
String theory, higher spin massless fields dynamics in various dimensions, light cone and twistor formulations of relativistic dynamics

Main results:
two loop beta-function in general nonlinear sigma model, first-order with respect to string tension effective action for massless excitations of closed bosonic strings, Born Infeld action as a unique action for stringy deformed ten dimensional super Yang-Mills theory, one loop equivalence of effective action of open super string theory and ten dimensional super Yang-Mills theory, cubic interaction vertices for all massless representations of the Poincare algebra in arbitrary space-time dimension. Kappa-invariant and light-cone gauge actions of type IIB superstring in AdS(5) x S(5). Formulatiuon of light-cone form of relativistic dynamics in AdS spacetime.

Current interests:
Exact light-cone gauge action for massless higher spin fields in AdS(4). Quantized fields in AdS spacetime. Problem of quatization of type IIB supestring in AdS(5) x S(5), Dp-branes.


Last updated: April 26, 2005