Leonid V. Keldysh
Professor, Academician, Doctor of Phys.&Math.Sciences
phone: (499)135-3033, E-mail: keldysh@lpi.ru
Excitons, beexcitons, electron-hole liquid. Non-equilibrium processes in high external fields in semiconductors.

The main results:
Diagram technique for non-stationary processes was developed in 1964.
A theory of electron-hole liquid was proposed which predicted the formation of droplets of such liquid in semiconductors.
A great variety of unusual nonlinear optical effects in semiconductors in high electromagnetic fields was described, which are connected with collective effects in coherent high density electron-hole system.

Current interests:
non-stationary collective processes in electron-hole systems, istabilities of exciton and biexciton types.

Last updated: July 23, 1998