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  1. V.L.Ginzburg. Propagation of electromagnetic waves in plasma.
    Publisher: Gordon and Breach - 1961
    North-Holland Publ. Comp. - 1961
    Pergamon Press (first edition) - 1964
    Pergamon Press (second edition) - 1970

  2. V.M.Agranovich, V.L.Ginzburg. Spatial dispersion in crystal optics and the theory of exitons. Publisher: J.Wiley and Sons - 1966
    V.M.Agranovich, V.L.Ginzburg. Crystal Optics with Spatial Dispersion and Exitons. Publisher: Springer Verlag - 1984

  3. V.L.Ginzburg, S.I.Syrovatskii. The Origin of Cosmic Rays.
    Publisher: Pergamon Press - 1964

  4. V.L.Ginzburg (Editor and one of the authors). Astrophysics of Cosmic Rays.
    Publisher: North Holland - 1990

  5. V.L.Ginzburg. Physics and Astrophysics. A Selection of Key Problems.
    Publisher: Pergamon Press - 1985

  6. V.L.Ginzburg. Waynflete Lectures on Physics.
    Publisher: Pergamon Press - 1983

  7. V.L.Ginzburg. Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics.
    Publisher: Pergamon Press - 1979
    V.L.Ginzburg. Application of Electrodynamics in Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics.
    Publisher: Gordon and Breach- 1989

  8. 8. V.L.Ginzburg (Editor and one of the authors). High-Temperature Superconductivity.
    Publisher: Consultants Bureau - 1982

  9. V.L.Ginzburg, V.M.Tsytovich. Transition Radiation and Transition Scattering.
    Publisher: Adam Hilger - 1990

  10. V.L.Ginzburg, E.A.Andryushin. Superconductivity.
    Publisher: World Scientific - 1994


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