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The First International Sakharov Conference on Physics was held on May 27-31, 1991, in Moscow, USSR.

The conference was organized by P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute. It was supported by the USSR Academy of Sciences, its Nuclear Physics Department, and the Public Comission for the Prepetuation of the Memory of Academician A.D.Sakharov and his Heritage.

The topics of the Conference were closely related to the fundamental scientific concepts and the problems investigated by A.D.Sakharov, and reflected modern developments in these fields.

More than 400 participants (300 from the USSR and 100 from the other countries) took part in the work of the Conference.

The main topics included:

  • modern state of fusion
  • quarks and gluons
  • baryon asymmetry
  • quantum cosmology and gravitation
  • string and field theory.

    The Conference resulted in 41 plenary and 89 section talks. Section talks were distributed between six sections:

  • Field Theory (coordinators - I.V.Tyutin, B.L.Voronov)
  • Superstrings (coordinator - M.A.Vasiliev)
  • Elementary Particles (coordinators - I.M.Dremin, A.A.Bykov)
  • Quantum Gravity and Cosmology (coordinator - V.P.Frolov)
  • Quantum Mechanics and Mathematical Methods in Physics (coordinator - V.I.Man'ko)
  • Experiment (coordinator - V.A.Tsarev)

    D.A.Kirzhnits, Elementary Length
    M.A.Soloviev, Causality and Nonlocal Field Theories
    O.W.Greenberg, Small Violations of Particle Statistics
    A.B.Govorkov, Impossibility of Small Violation of the Pauli Principle Within Local Quantum Field Theory
    Yu.A.Golfand, Non-Perturbative Methods in Quantum Field Theory (Research Proposal)
    M.Ya.Palchik, V.N.Zaikin, Conformal Invariant V-dimensional Field Theory
    V.I.Ogievetsky, Harmonics: Hamiltonian Analogies and Quaternionic Analyticity
    Yu.V.Novozhilov, D.V.Vassilevich, Induced Gravity
    V.Ya.Fainberg, A.N.Kuznetsov, A.V.Subbotin, Stochastic Quantization and Topological Theories
    I.Ya.Aref'eva, Quantum Group Gauge Fields
    M.Henneaux, J.D.Vergara, BRST Formalism and Gauge Invariant Operators: The Example of the Free Relativistic Particle
    G.V.Grigoryan, R.P. Grigoryan, I.V.Tyutin, Equivalence of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian BRST Quantizations: Systems with First-Class Constraints
    S.A.Frolov, A.A.Slavnov, Canonical Quantization of Regularized Anomalous Schwinger Model and String Theory
    L.V.Prokhorov, S.V.Shabanov, Gauge Field Invariants and Confinement
    J.W.Moffat, Finite Nonlocal Electroweak Theory and the Origin of Fermion Masses
    N.V.Krasnikov, A.B.Kyatkin, The t-Quark Mass in the Supersymmetric SU(5)-Model with Composite Superhiggses
    A.A.Anselm, Cosmological Periodic Structure of the Universe and Condensate of Pseudo-Goldstone Field
    A.V.Leonidov, A.I.Zelnikov, On the Nonlocal Effective Action at Finite Temperature
    S.P.Gavrilov, D.M.Gitman, Problems of an External Field in Non-Abelian Gauge Theory
    A.I.Nikishov, V.I.Ritus, Exponentially Small Terms in Asymptotics of Parabolic Cylinder Functions and Pair Creation by Constant Electric Field
    B.P.Kosyakov, Field of Arbitrarily Moving Colored Charge

    L.C.Biedenharn, A.K.Ciftci, Some Remarks on Sticking Fraction Calculations in Muon-Catalyzed Deuterium-Tritium Fusion
    Y.S.Kim, Entropy in the Wigner Phase Space Picture of Quantum Mechanics and Feynman's Rest of the Universe
    V.I.Man'ko, Nonstationary Casimir Effect and Quantum Vacuum Generator of Current
    V.V.Dodonov, Neutrino and Photon Gravitational Waveguides
    A.N.Leznov, Parametric (Soliton) Solutions to Integrable Systems as a Subclass of the Solutions Depending on a Set of Arbitrary Functions
    L.Feher, W-Algebras of Generalized Toda Theories
    A.Bohm, Atomistic and Holistic Understanding in Physics-Constituent and Collective Models
    T.D.Palev, N.I.Stoilova, OSP(3/2) Noncanonical Quantum Oscillator
    V.P.Karassiov, Polynomial Deformations of Oscillator Algebras in Quantum Theories with Internal Symmetries
    A.G.Ushveridze, Quasi-Exact Solvability. New Phenomenon in Quantum Mechanics
    K.Akama, I.Oda, Topological Pregauge-Pregeometry
    D.Karabali, B.Sakita, Field Theory of D=1 Matrix Model
    G.V.Ryazanov, Time-Symmetric Electrodynamics as Generator of Electron Mass, Quantum Mechanics and Gravitation
    J.J.Giambiagi, Huyghens Principle in Odd Number of Dimensions
    V.S.Vanyashin, On the Number of Extra Dimensions
    M.B.Green, Point-Like Structure in String Theory

    A.A.Tseytlin, Space-Time Duality, Dilaton and String Cosmology
    L.Brink, M.Henningson, Strings in a Curved Background
    C.Vafa, Small-Large Duality in String Theory
    M.A.Vasiliev, Higher-Spin Gauge Theories
    C.B.Thorn, Reformulating String Theory with the 1/N Expansion
    D.Amati, On Space-Time at Small Distances
    V.V.Fock, N.A.Nekrasov, A.A.Rosly, K.G.Selivanov, What We Think About the Higher Dimensional Chern-Simons Theories
    I.Bars, Black Holes and Strings in Curved Space-Time
    Yu.Makeenko, Matrix Models and Loop Equations
    J.Fuchs, From Tensor Products to the Modular Matrix S and Back
    A.T.Filippov, Relativistic Confined Bound States and "Discrete Strings"
    A.Sagnotti, Recent Developments in Open-String Theories
    V.V.Nesterenko, Models of Spinning Particles with Higher Derivatives and Boson-Fermion Transmutations
    I.A.Bandos, A.A.Zheltukhin, Newman-Penrose Diades, Lorentz Harmonics and Null-Super P-Branes Covariant Quantization

    IV. ELEMENTARY PARTICLES J.A.Wheeler, Sakharov Revisited; "It From Bit"
    A.Martin, The Quark Model of Hadrons
    V.A.Kuzmin, V.A.Rubakov, M.E.Shaposhnikov, Electroweak Baryogenesis
    L.McLerran, High Energy Instanton Induced Processes in Electroweak Theory
    S.A.Bludman, Neutrino Masses and Lifetimes
    L.B.Okun, Fundamental Constants of Physics
    J.C.Pati, Grand Unification in a Broader Perspective (In Honor of Andre Sakharov)
    M.Creutz, Abelian Sandpiles
    I.M.Dremin, Scaling Laws and Phase Transitions in Multiparticle Dynamics
    L.V.Fil'kov, The Dynamics of Quark-Gluon Plasma Expansion
    R.Wilson, Physics of the b Quark
    A.Ali, Rare Decays of B-Mesons
    M.Dineykhan, G.V.Efimov, On Bound States in the Quantum Field Theory
    Yu.A.Simonov, QCD and Quark Model
    B.A.Arbuzov, On Possible Narrow Resonances in the Fusion Reaction of Deuterium Nuclei

    Yu.Ne'eman, Progress in Quantum Gravity
    M.A.Markov, On the Possibility of a Full Determinism Violation of a Gravitational Collapse Near the Singularity ("Beyond the End of Time")
    B.L.Altshuler, Initial Conditions: Physics or Metaphysics?
    H.Terazawa, Future Prospects of Pregeometry
    D.N.Page, The Arrow of Time
    M.B.Mensky, The Problem of Time in Quantum Cosmology and Self-Measurement of the Universe
    A.O.Barvinsky, Euclidean Quantum Gravity Versus Lorentzian Theory: Applications to the Inflationary Cosmology
    R.Brout, On Time
    V.P.Frolov, Physical Effects in Wormholes and the "Time Machine" Problem
    H.R.Rubinstein, Neutrino Dark Matter
    D.D.Harari, V.D.Skarzhinsky, Cosmic String Catalysis of Quantum Processes
    V.A.Berezin, V.A.Kuzmin, I.I.Tkachev, Black Holes and Vacuum Phase Transitions
    J.Iliopoulos, Quantum Instability of De Sitter Space
    V.F.Mukhanov, M.I.Zelnikov, Modulation of Perturbation Spectra
    A.Mezhlumian, A.A.Starobinsky, Stochastic Inflation: New Results
    M.Yu.Khlopov, Astronuclear Experiment Astrobelix as a Test of Baryosynthesis Models
    M.Wolff, Microphysics, Fundamental Laws and Cosmology
    M.Gell-Mann, J.B. Hartle, Time Symmetry and Asymmetry in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Cosmology

    A.I.Pavlovskii, Magnetic Cumulation of Energy (History and Current Status)
    E.Teller, A.J.Glass, T.K.Fowler, A.Hasegawa, J.F.Santarius, Space Propulsion by Fusion in a Magnetic Dipole
    P.-H.Rebut, Impact of JET Results on the Concept of a Fusion Reactor
    L.Fellin, The RFX Experiment: a New Step Towards Magnetic Fusion in the Reversed Field Pinch Configuration
    D.R.O.Morrison, Review of Cold Fusion
    V.A.Tsarev, Current Status of Cold Fusion
    L.P.Feoktistov, The Problems of Laser Thermonuclear Fusion
    R.H.Dalitz, The Young Sakharov and His "Isotopic Parity"
    H.J.Lipkin, Hadron Masses, Magnetic Moments and Weak Decays Following the Pioneering Work of Andrei Sakharov
    F.Reines, L.-R.Price, The Experimental Status of Baryon Conservation
    K.Nishijima, Quark Masses and Renormalization Group
    L.G.Afanasyev, V.V.Karpukhin, V.I.Komarov, A.V.Kolomyichenko, V.V.Kruglov, A.V.Kuptsov, L.L.Nemenov, M.V.Nikitin, M.A.Ivanov, Zh.P.Pustylnik, O.E.Gorchakov, A.V.Kulikov, S.V.Trusov, V.V.Yazkov, Observation of an Effect Caused by Coulomb Interaction in the pi+pi---System



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